About us

A well repaired farm tractor can keep you chugging’ along, pulling and hauling loads for years to come. With over 30 years of tractor repair experience, we have the capacity to work on ALL brands of tractors. Located in Alberta, Canada, our tractor repair shop has proudly serviced the agricultural machinery of local farmers, ranchers and plowmen for generations. In addition to repairing farm tractors, we also sell used farm equipment. If you’re in the market for dependable, gently used farm equipment, we invite you to shop our collection of used tractors for sale

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Our mission

We here at Joe’s Tractor Shop aim to support farmers, ranchers, cultivators and construction crews in and around Alberta, Canada by supplying affordable tractor repair services and offering gently used tractors for sale. Our goal is to be the tractor headquarters for crop growers, dairy farmers, cattleman, landscapers, plowmen and other agriculturalists throughout Alberta and western Canada. It is our intention to provide professional tractor repair services and a wide selection of used tractors so to help sustain the local agricultural community. A family owned business, Joe’s Tractor Shop is a Canadian mainstay

Our vision

The landscape of farming, ranching and other sectors of agriculture is changing. Joe’s Tractor Shop is a small family-owned business with a big footprint and a history of resilience. We hope to help local agricultural communities survive, manage and use the changing dynamics to their advantage by providing dependable used tractors and professionally servicing all makes/models. We aspire to aid those throughout Alberta, Canada in need of tractor repair services or looking to buy a used tractor for sale. Dedicated and driven by passion, we intend to build upon our legacy rooted in trust and tradition

joestractorshop our mission